2016 - 2017 Booster Contributions
Athletics: Vertamax Training equipment
2015 - 2016 Booster Contributions

Tee-shirts, tee-shirts, tee-shirts! This year the board voted to provide Championship shirts to all qualifying teams
at Dakota!

Basketball development subscriptions: and were approved by the
board to assist the Girl's basketball teams.

Scoreboard in Gym: The new scoreboard was finally installed in the gym! A donation from Iroquois of side panels, will
be installed on the other scoreboard.

Food for Thought:  Boosters provided granola bars and water bottles for more than 700 students during S.A.T

Graduation Tassels: Tassels were provided for all NHS students.

Scholarships:  Four $500 scholarships were provided to qualifying students. Congratulations to Bethany Moses,
Sarah Fringer, Nicholas Riesterer and Adam Majestic!!

HUDL membership purchased for all sports teams and activities!